What is another word for rebuff?

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Rebuff means to reject or refuse a proposal, request or offer in a cold or blunt manner. Synonyms for rebuff include decline, refuse, reject, spurn, dismiss, repudiate, snub, turn down, repulse, repel, veto, check, discourage, foil, frustrate, oppose, resist, and snipe. Each of these synonyms portrays a similar sentiment to rebuff but with varying degrees of intensity and tone. Refuse, for instance, conveys a more neutral tone than snub, which implies a deliberate act of disdain or disrespect. Furthermore, the choice of synonym depends on the context and the nature of the proposal or request being rejected.

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    Rebuff is a word often used in the English language which means to express disapproval or refusal. For example, when a person asks someone out on a date, it can be considered a rebuff if the person is turned down. Rebuffs can also be verbal or nonverbal responses that communicate disapproval or unwillingness. Rebuffs can be intentional or unintentional, and they can be intentional or unintentional reactions to someone's advances.

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