What is another word for caper?

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Caper, a term that originated from the Latin word "capparis," is often used to describe jumping or skipping playfully. Some popular synonyms for caper include frolic, romp, gambol, frolic, skip, leap, and prance. Other synonyms for caper that could be used depending on the context include jape, antic, lark, escapade, stunt, adventure, or exploit. In culinary terms, caper is a type of pickled berry often used in Mediterranean cuisine. In this context, some synonyms for caper include olive, brine, pickle, relish, and preserve, among others. In summary, caper has multiple meanings, and there are various synonyms that can be used to describe different usage contexts.

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A caper is a outdoor adventure that usually involves a crime being committed. Whether it's theft or another form of burglary, capers offer an exciting way to ease boredom, and they can provide plenty of laughs. The key to a good caper is plenty of planning and a good sense of humor, and the participants need to be willing and able to take risks.

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