What is another word for repulse?

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Repulse is a strong word that refers to pushing something back forcefully or rejecting something with contempt. Synonyms for repulse include words like rebuff, spurn, reject, resist, refuse, repel, decline, dismiss, snub, and discourage. These words convey a sense of strong objection or opposition to something that is unwanted or uninvited. Repulse can be used in various contexts, such as describing a physical or emotional reaction to something unpleasant or an attempt to ward off unwanted advances. Using synonyms for repulse can enhance your writing by adding depth and nuance to your language and helping you avoid repetition.

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    Repulse refers to an ancient technique of using a solid object to push or shove another object out of the way. The object used to repulse is called the repeller. In today's context, the term repulse can be used to describe any effect that causes an object to be pushed or shoved out of the way.

    The word repeller is derived from the Latin word rupes, meaning a spur, a ridge, or a projecting point.

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