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Forethought is defined as the act of thinking carefully about a future event or situation. Some synonyms for forethought are anticipation, foresight, premeditation, prudence, and precaution. Anticipation refers to the act of predicting and preparing for future events. Foresight is the ability to see and plan for potential outcomes. Premeditation is the act of intentionally planning ahead of time. Prudence refers to being careful and cautious in decision making. Precaution is taking preventative measures to avoid potential problems. All of these synonyms for forethought emphasize the importance of being intentional and thoughtful in planning for the future.

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How to use "Forethought" in context?

Forethought has a profound impact on our lives. It allows us to plan for the future, to think ahead and make better decisions, and to be more proactive in our lives. Forethought can help us to achieve our goals, be more efficient and organzied, and satisfy our emotional needs.

The ability to forego immediate gratification and plan for the future is a trait that many people attribute to successful people. This is because successful people are able to set and achieve long-term goals, rather than letting their immediate desires control their lives.

However, forethought is not only something that is beneficial to successful people.

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