What is another word for fondling?

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Fondling is a physical act that involves touching or caressing in a loving or affectionate way. However, there are some other terms that can be used to describe this kind of behavior. Petting, stroking, cuddling, and caressing are some synonyms for fondling. These terms represent the idea of showing affection through physical touch, but each has a slightly different connotation. While petting may imply gentleness or playfulness, caressing can suggest a deeper level of intimacy or emotions. Whatever term one chooses to use, it is important to always seek clear and enthusiastic consent before engaging in any physical affection.

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How to use "Fondling" in context?

Fondling is an intimate act that is often performed on someone who is attracted to them. This physical act can be done in a caring way, as a way to show that the person cares about the other person. Fondling can also be done in a sexual way, to try and make the person feel good.

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