What is another word for disdainful?

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[ dɪsdˈe͡ɪnfə͡l], [ dɪsdˈe‍ɪnfə‍l], [ d_ɪ_s_d_ˈeɪ_n_f_əl]

When you want to express a feeling of contempt or disrespect towards something or someone, you can use the word "disdainful". However, there are other words that can convey similar meaning, such as "contemptuous", "disrespectful", "scornful", "disparaging", "haughty", "condescending", "snobbish", "superior", "arrogant", and "supercilious". These words can be used interchangeably with "disdainful" to describe a negative attitude or behavior towards someone or something, whether it's an object, a person, an idea, or a situation. Choosing the right word depends on the context and tone you want to convey.

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    Synonyms for Disdainful:

    What are the hypernyms for Disdainful?

    A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

    What are the opposite words for disdainful?

    Disdainful is an adjective that describes a feeling of contempt or disgust towards someone or something. Some antonyms of disdainful are admiring, respectful, and appreciative. These words convey a positive and appreciative attitude towards the subject. If someone is admiring, they are expressing their admiration and appreciation towards someone or something. If someone is respectful, they show respect and regard towards a person or value. Appreciative means showing gratitude or recognition for something. These antonyms of disdainful are effective for describing a positive attitude towards someone or something. Therefore, it is important to use antonyms according to the tone and context of the sentence.

    Usage examples for Disdainful

    It had given her a glorious strength to say what was in her heart and mind, in clear words which rang with sincerity and conviction, but now, that she was done, was sitting with her proud chin up and disdainful eyes fastened upon the object of her displeasure, she felt the ebb of tears which followed the flood of courage.
    "The Man from Jericho"
    Edwin Carlile Litsey
    Calm and disdainful, he seemed to despise the success of his captors and his own personal danger.
    "A Lady's Captivity among Chinese Pirates in the Chinese Seas"
    Fanny Loviot
    I said to myself, "Does it please you my good people to put on disdainful looks, and to wrap yourselves up in your own virtue, as much as it does me to see this pale face, on which death has already cast its shadow, light up with the serenity of an evening sky."
    "The Dead Lake and Other Tales"
    Paul Heyse

    Famous quotes with Disdainful

    • Anybody right here/out there who takes you for granted is disdainful (anyone who denies you your respect/right/justice/love/care/freedom). Yes, he or she is just that period.
      Emeasoba George
    • The artist, depicting man disdainful of the storm and stress of life, is no less reconciling and healing than the poet who, while endowing Nature and Humanity, rejoices in its measureless superiority to human passions and human sorrows.
    • But now in this Valley of poor was hard put to it, for he had gone but a little way before he espied a foul coming over the field to meet him; his name is . Then did begin to be afraid, and to cast in his mind whether to go back, or to stand his ground. But he considered again, that he had no Armor for his back, and therefore thought that to turn the back to him might give him greater advantage with ease to pierce him with his Darts; therefore he resolved to venture, and stand his ground. For thought he, had I no more in mine eye than the saving of my life, 'twould be the best way to stand. So he went on, and met him. Now the Monster was hideous to behold, he was cloathed with scales like a Fish (and they are his pride) he had Wings like a Dragon, feet like a Bear, and out of his belly came Fire and Smoke, and his mouth was as the mouth of a Lion. When he was come up to , he beheld him with a disdainful countenance, and thus began to question with him.
      John Bunyan
    • She gave me a disdainful look. “Please don’t make facile judgments about things you don’t understand.”
      Robert Charles Wilson
    • Pity those—adventurers, adolescents, authors of young adult fiction—who make their way in the borderland between worlds. It is at worst an invisible and at best an inhospitable place. Build your literary house on the borderlands, as the English writer Philip Pullman has done, and you may find that your work is recommended by booksellers, as a stopgap between installments of Harry Potter, to children who cannot (one hopes) fully appreciate it, and to adults, disdainful or baffled, who 'don't read fantasy.' Yet all mystery resides there, in the margins, between life and death, childhood and adulthood, Newtonian and quantum, 'serious' and 'genre' literature. And it is from the confrontation with mystery that the truest stories have always drawn their power.
      Michael Chabon

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