What is another word for wishing?

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There are a plethora of synonym words available for "wishing." These synonyms can be used to vary the tone or context of a sentence. Some synonyms for "wishing" include desiring, hoping, yearning, fantasizing, longing, craving, and dreaming. Each of these synonyms convey a slightly different nuance of what it means to have a wish or a desire. For example, "hoping" might connote a quieter, more cautious desire while "craving" would suggest a stronger, more visceral desire. These synonyms can be used to provide more depth and complexity to our language and provide us with more ways to express what we truly want in life.

Synonyms for Wishing:

How to use "Wishing" in context?

Wishing can be seen as a way of controlling the future. It allows us to set goals and keep them in our thoughts, which can help us towards achieving those goals. It can also create a sense of happiness and anticipation, helping us to build anticipation for the future. All of this happens because when we focus on what we want, we put ourselves in a positive frame of mind.

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