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Cone is a three-dimensional shape that is commonly found in many objects around us, and it has several synonyms. Some of the synonyms of cone are pyramid, spire, obelisk, pylon, pinnacle, and turriform. A cone is typically round with a pointed tip and a wider base. It has curved sides that angle inward toward the tip. Pyramids are similar to cones in shape but have a square or rectangular base. Spire and obelisk are elongated cones that typically serve as pillars or decorations. Pylon and pinnacle are also elongated cones, but they are often used to describe structures that are taller and more pointed than other cone-shaped objects. Turriform cones, on the other hand, feature a straight and fluted shape that is commonly found in architecture.

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The cone is a shape that is most commonly used to describe the difference in size between two objects. The cone is also used to compare the size of different objects.

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