What is another word for speaking to?

Pronunciation: [spˈiːkɪŋ tuː] (IPA)

The phrase "speaking to" refers to engaging in conversation or communicating with someone. Synonyms for this phrase include "talking to", "conversing with", "addressing", "discussing with", "engaging with", and "communicating with". Each of these synonyms conveys the idea of verbal communication or interaction with another person. Other related phrases that can be used include "having a conversation with", "chatting with", and "talking to someone directly". It is important to choose the right synonym depending on the context of the communication and the level of formality required in the situation.

What are the hypernyms for Speaking to?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for speaking to?

The antonyms for the phrase "speaking to" include ignoring, avoiding, neglecting, dismissing, and snubbing. These words imply that a person is not willing to communicate or engage with someone else. Ignoring means to deliberately not acknowledge someone's presence or words. Avoiding means to keep away or escape from someone. Neglecting means to not give proper attention or care to someone. Dismissing means to reject or to refuse to consider someone's opinions or ideas. Finally, snubbing means to treat someone with disdain, disrespect, or discourtesy. It's important to be aware of these antonyms and try to avoid using them in any social or professional settings.

What are the antonyms for Speaking to?

Famous quotes with Speaking to

  • If the word gets out, if the perception exists that by speaking to a CBS journalist you are, therefore, inevitably, immediately speaking to the police, I don't think there's any doubt but that people won't talk. And, therefore, the public won't learn.
    Floyd Abrams
  • In addressing you I feel that I am not so much speaking to the representatives of diverse States of Europe and America as to the exponents of principles and hopes that are common to us all, and without which our life on earth would be a life without horizon or prospect.
    Henry Campbell-Bannerman
  • I was driven to give the best possible performance I could based on the material that was given to me and that material was documentary footage of the President speaking to people.
    Timothy Bottoms
  • I used to feel so shy speaking to girls. It was even worse when they were around their crew because they would diss me.
    Chris Brown
  • The New York City Ballet is obviously speaking to a whole new generation and bringing it the same wonder and beauty that it brought previous generations.
    Robert Caro

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