What is another word for bon mot?

Pronunciation: [bˈɒn mˈɒt] (IPA)

"Bon mot" is a French term that refers to a witty remark or clever comment. There are various synonyms for this term, including "quip," "witticism," "joke," "pleasantry," and "zinger." These words all refer to a sharp and humorous comment that is intended to amuse or provoke a reaction. Other synonyms for "bon mot" might include "wisecrack," "one-liner," "zesty remark," or "pithy comment." Whatever the term used to describe it, a "bon mot" is a trademark of quick wit and clever humor that always leaves an impression on its audience.

Synonyms for Bon mot:

What are the hypernyms for Bon mot?

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What are the hyponyms for Bon mot?

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What are the opposite words for bon mot?

Bon mot is a French phrase that means a witty or clever remark. The word is often used in English to describe a quip or a clever turn of phrase. While there are no exact antonyms for bon mot, there are several words that could describe remarks that are dull, uninteresting or uninspiring. Some of these antonyms could include bland, boring, unamusing, tedious, unexciting or simple. Such remarks may lack humor, wit or cleverness, unlike a good bon mot which is witty and clever. Knowing both the synonyms and antonyms of words like bon mot can help improve one's vocabulary and writing skills.

What are the antonyms for Bon mot?

Famous quotes with Bon mot

  • Mrs. Coates is the very incarnation of contradiction. The action of her life is cast along the lines of conventional routine; but the hidden and real existence of the woman is carried on miles beyond and above all the material concerns, in the pure ether of the poet's realm. She will shut herself up with the "wide-eyed muse" to round a sonnet of majestic reach, or she will merge into the gay world, the laces of a dutchess about her, precious stones at her throat and glowing roses on her breast, there to dazzle all listeners to her conversation, in which bon mot, persiflage, eloquence and philosophy are interwoven. She is a "fine lady," and yet her poetry is never tainted by "fine ladyism." She is a bluestocking, but with none of the unlovely signs of bluestockingism about her. Another woman with Mrs. Coates' voice, mobile face, and evident histrionic instinct would have dashed away from the conventional life and sought vent for the "tempest within" in the mimic world of the stage, but Mrs. Coates is mistress of a perfectly ordered home.
    Florence Earle Coates

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