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An honorarium is a payment made to an individual for services rendered, usually for voluntary or professional work outside their regular job. Synonyms for honorarium include stipend, compensation, fee, payment, gratuity, remuneration, reward, tribute and token. Stipend and compensation can also refer to a regular payment for services rendered, while gratuity and reward often imply a more informal or casual payment. Remuneration and fee are more formal terms that imply a contractual or professional agreement for payment, while tribute and token suggest a payment made out of respect or gratitude rather than necessity. Regardless of the term used, an honorarium is a recognition of the value of an individual's time and expertise.

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The word "honorarium" is derived from the Latin word honor, meaning "veneration and respect," or "generosity." In the legal world, an honorarium is a form of payment given to a legal practitioner, such as a lawyer or an attorney, for services rendered. The recipient may retain or share any portion of the honorarium that is not disbursed to various costs associated with the service. An honorarium may also be used to describe payments made to an academic or other professional for services rendered, such as lectures or classes.

The use of honoraria in the legal field has come under scrutiny in recent years.

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