What is another word for atonement?

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Atonement is a powerful word that refers to the act of making amends or seeking forgiveness for a wrongdoing. There are several synonyms for the word atonement, including reparations, restitution, compensation, expiation, redemption, and reconciliation. Reparations suggest the act of repairing or restoring something that has been damaged or wronged. Restitution is the act of restoring something that has been lost or taken, often through compensation or payment. Compensation refers to the act of making up for a loss or injury suffered due to a fault. Expiation is the act of making up for a wrongdoing or sin through self-punishment or atonement. Redemption is the act of saving oneself from sin, guilt, or punishment, while reconciliation refers to bringing two opposing sides together to make peace.

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How to use "Atonement" in context?

Atonement can be defined as the action or work through which something is made right, and the state of being atoned for. For Christians, atonement refers to the process Christ went through on the cross in order to save sinners. Christ's death on the cross was both complete and sufficient for the forgiveness of sins.

The atonement of Christ sheds light on the concept of sin and redemption. Sin is anything that separates us from God and damages our relationship with Him. Redemption, on the other hand, is the act of paying for something with money or something of equal value.

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