What is another word for intermixtures?

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[ ˌɪntəmˈɪkst͡ʃəz], [ ˌɪntəmˈɪkst‍ʃəz], [ ˌɪ_n_t_ə_m_ˈɪ_k_s_tʃ_ə_z]

Synonyms for Intermixtures:

How to use "Intermixtures" in context?

Intermixtures occur when two or more substances are combined in a way that not only affects their physical properties, but also their chemical properties. By definition, an intermixture is a mixture of substances that cannot be divided into individual components. The physical and chemical properties of intermixtures are determined by the percentages of each substance present.

Intermingling substances can have a significant impact on their behavior in reactions and physical properties. For example, if two oils are combined, the resulting mixture will behave differently than either oil alone. The oil mixture will spread more evenly in water, forming a type of emulsion.

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