What is another word for cutoff?

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When it comes to the word "cutoff," various synonyms and related terms come to mind. Some possible alternatives include stoppage, termination, discontinuation, cessation, and cutoff point. These terms all refer to the act of stopping something or the point at which it stops. In a different context, "cutoff" can also mean a narrow passage or a shortcut, and some possible synonyms for this usage include shortcut, passage, path, or corridor. In certain contexts, "cutoff" can also refer to a deadline or a strict limit, and possible synonyms in this case could include deadline, limit, endpoint, or boundary.

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The term "cutoff" can refer to a variety of things, such as a deadline, a point at which something is stopped or discontinued, or a shortcut or pathway. Some antonyms for "cutoff" might include "continuation," "extension," or "prolongation," which convey a sense of ongoing, uninterrupted activity. Other antonyms could include "access," "entry," or "pathway," which represent the opposite of a cutoff by offering a way through or around an obstacle. "Opening," "unsealing," or "unblocking" could also be antonyms for "cutoff," reflecting a removal of barriers or restrictions in order to allow for greater freedom or access.

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