What is another word for kingly?

Pronunciation: [kˈɪŋli] (IPA)

Kingly is an adjective that refers to something regal, majestic, or fit for a king. However, when writing, it's good to vary your vocabulary and not repeat the same word too often. So, here are some synonyms for the word kingly: royal, majestic, imperial, monarchic, noble, grandiose, magnanimous, impressive, stately, superb, gallant, dignified, regal, sovereign, grand, princely, lordly, lofty. The use of these synonyms can help to add some variation and depth to your text when describing something that's fit for royalty, and it highlights your versatility and breadth of vocabulary.

Synonyms for Kingly:

What are the hypernyms for Kingly?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for kingly?

Kingly is an adjective that refers to something related to a king or a royal-like attitude. Some antonyms for this word are lowly, common, plebeian, or ordinary. Lowly describes something or someone that is humble or of a lower social status. Common is used to refer to things or situations that are familiar or found in abundance, lacking any special distinction. Plebeian is another term used to describe common or ordinary things or people who are considered to be of low rank, worth, or quality. Ordinary refers to something or someone that is usual or average and lacks extraordinary features.

What are the antonyms for Kingly?

Usage examples for Kingly

Mistake not, this act is a kingly one; so do all the kings of Europe.
"The Princess Pocahontas"
Virginia Watson
He spoke with so kingly a dignity that the Englishmen did not seek to dissuade him.
"The Princess Pocahontas"
Virginia Watson
The generosity and courage of a magnanimous nature are stamped upon the kingly speech which he puts into the mouth of Pyrrhus.
"The Roman Poets of the Republic"
W. Y. Sellar

Famous quotes with Kingly

  • Aspect are within us, and who seems most kingly is king.
    Thomas Hardy
  • I see Christ's love is so kingly, that it will not abide a marrow it must have a throne all alone in the soul.
    Samual Rutherford
  • This body is a tent which for a space Does the pure soul with kingly presence grace; When he departs, comes the tent-pitcher, Death, Strikes it, and moves to a new halting-place.
    Omar Khayyam
  • The king is not responsible for the fate of each man's soul. Every man is responsible to God, but not the king, for this. Shakespeare, while displaying unflinchingly the defects of kingly rule, does not in the English histories have on his horizon any alternative to divine right monarchy. The American Founding's Lockean republican political theory provides an answer to the defects of Christian divine right monarchy, the answer that Lincoln inherited. This supplied as well the theoretical foundation for Lincoln's assault on slavery.
    Harry V. Jaffa
  • everybody is fundamentally the ultimate reality. Not God in a politically kingly sense, but God in the sense of being the self, the deep-down basic whatever there is.
    Alan Watts

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