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Blockade is a term used to describe an act of obstructing or preventing access to a specific place or resource. The term blockade can be substituted for a variety of other words that imply restraining or limiting access to a particular goal. These include cordon, barrier, barricade, obstruction, encumbrance, restraint, and hindrance. Each of these synonyms can be used in different contexts ranging from warfare to protests or even trade embargoes. However, regardless of their application, the underlying implication of each of these terms is that access has been limited or restricted for some specific reason or purpose.

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A blockade is a naval or land military operation in which vessels, land, or troopsblock access to one or more ports, straits, or other waterways for the purpose of halting or slowing the flow of trade, weapons, or other strategic materials. Blockades can be unilateral (one country) or multilateral (more than one country).

A blockade can be placed by a navy, army, or air force. It can be conducted by a single nation or coalition of nations. Blockades can be attempted to protect friendly civilian populations or disrupt the enemy's economy.

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