What is another word for locum?

Pronunciation: [lˈə͡ʊkəm] (IPA)

Locums are individuals who provide temporary or substitute medical services for a physician or healthcare facility. There are a number of alternative words that can be used in place of "locum," such as fill-in, temporary, relief, interim, and substitute. These terms are often used in the same context as "locum," and serve as a more general descriptor for someone who is providing a temporary service. Other synonyms for locum may depend on the specific field or industry, such as a temp worker in business or a freelancer in writing. Regardless of the word used, locums are important in ensuring continuity of care and avoiding gaps in medical services.

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"They will probably have ordered you," said Gabriel's companion, "to respect the Church, and that if you want to smoke a cigar you must go up to the gallery of the locum; and that if you wish to sup you must go into the sacristy.
"The Shadow of the Cathedral"
Vicente Blasco Ibañez
He made his usual trial of doors and railings; visited the locum and the large lavoratories, where once some thieves had concealed themselves, and after he was quite certain that there was no human being in the church except himself, he seated himself in the crossways with his cloak round him, and his basket of supper.
"The Shadow of the Cathedral"
Vicente Blasco Ibañez
Two months afterwards, when the gates of Toulon had been opened to the army, and I was assisting at a noyade, I had the pleasure of seeing my jacobin locum tenens, who had been denounced in his turn, tied back to back to a female; it was my adored Cerise.
"The Pacha of Many Tales"
Captain Frederick Marryat

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