What is another word for standby?

Pronunciation: [stˈandba͡ɪ] (IPA)

Standby is a word that often refers to being ready for action or waiting for something to happen. However, there are many synonyms for this word that can help to add variety to your writing. Some of these include "backup," "reserve," "on hold," "preparation," and "waiting." Other synonyms for standby might include "alert," "available," "idle," "pending," or "unoccupied." Whether you're looking for a word to use in a professional context or simply want to add some variety to your writing, there are many different options when it comes to synonymous phrases for standby.

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What are the opposite words for standby?

There are various antonyms for the word "standby" which denotes the state of being in readiness or available for use. These antonyms include: "unavailable," "out of commission," "inactive," "unengaged," "idle," "not ready," "off-duty," "inaccessible," "unequipped," and "off-line." These words describe a state of being unavailable or unprepared, opposite to the state of being on standby. They indicate that something is not in use or is not available to be used. In some cases, these antonyms can be used interchangeably, but each conveys a specific shade of meaning that sets it apart from the others.

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Usage examples for Standby

The British agriculturist thinks that meadow hay is the natural forage for horses and cattle, and for winter turnips are the standby.
"An Autobiography"
Catherine Helen Spence
A standby pattern lighted the screen, and I stared at it numbly.
Winston Marks
"Flapjacks are the usual standby in camp," he informed her.
"A Prairie Courtship"
Harold Bindloss

Famous quotes with Standby

  • Part of the redesign of FEMA is that they have so many people on standby, whether it is a retired nurse or a doctor who will take time off to go exactly where they are needed.
    Ginny B. Waite
  • Perhaps violence, like pornography, is some kind of an evolutionary standby system, a last-resort device for throwing a wild joker into the game?
    J. G. Ballard
  • That old standby of melodrama, the rich uncle shoved into the bin so the greedy relatives could get their hands on his estate, had a sound basis in fact. The Victorians cleaned up the straw and the chains of the old Bedlam-like institutions of the eighteenth century, but they didn't always clean up the practices. Patients were drugged, starved, drained of vast quantities of blood, beaten up, swung from ropes, immersed in cold water and whirled around in the air upside-down, all in the belief that it would improve their mental states. Ask yourself whether this is likely to have been true.
    Margaret Atwood

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