What is another word for mainstreamed?

Pronunciation: [mˈe͡ɪnstɹiːmd] (IPA)

Mainstreamed is a term that refers to integrating or including individuals or groups into the dominant culture or society. Some synonyms for mainstreamed are assimilated, integrated, incorporated, and blended. These terms indicate the process of merging different groups or ideas into one cohesive whole. In education, mainstreamed typically refers to students with disabilities being included in regular classroom settings, and other synonyms for this usage include inclusive, integrated, or normalized. By understanding synonyms for mainstreamed, we can better communicate the idea of integration or inclusion in various contexts, both social and educational.

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The word "mainstreamed" typically refers to something that has been integrated into the mainstream or dominant culture. Antonyms for this term might include words like "marginalized," "excluded," or "ostracized," which describe things or people who have been pushed to the edges of society and are not fully accepted or embraced by the mainstream. Other antonyms might include "nonconformist," "alternative," or "unconventional," which suggest a rejection or defiance of mainstream values and norms. Overall, antonyms for "mainstreamed" tend to describe things or people that exist outside of, or in opposition to, the dominant culture.

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Famous quotes with Mainstreamed

  • The best chance disabled students have for productive adult lives comes from being mainstreamed among other students. My daughter Jade is living proof of that. She has a disability, but we have made sure that she has gotten the same kind of exposure as other kids her age. There are a few exceptions; there are students whose special needs are such that mainstreaming won't work for them. But in the majority of cases, mainstreaming should be supported, encouraged, and facilitated for disabled students.
    Jesse Ventura

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