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Pronunciation: [lˈɪŋkt] (IPA)

The word "linked" can be replaced with a number of synonyms depending on its usage in a sentence or phrase. Synonyms for "linked" include "connected," "associated," "tied," "related," "affiliated," "bonded," "united," "joined," and "merged." "Connected" can be used to show a physical connection between two things or ideas, while "associated" is used to describe a connection between separate items or concepts. "Tied" is often used to show a close and strong connection, and "related" is used to describe a connection between two things that share similar characteristics. "Affiliated" and "bonded" imply a close relationship or allegiance, while "united," "joined," and "merged" are used to describe things coming together to form a cohesive unit.

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The word "linked" describes the connection between two or more things. However, there are several antonyms for this word. "Unrelated" is the opposite of linked, meaning that there is no connection between things. Another antonym is "unconnected," which suggests that there is no physical or emotional bond. Conversely, "disconnected" refers to a bond that has been broken, separated, or torn. Similarly, "dissociated" suggests a psychological separation or break from something. Lastly, "isolated" carries the meaning of being separate or cut-off from others or a group. These antonyms provide a range of opposites for the word "linked," which can be useful in providing context or describing situations where a connection is not present.

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Usage examples for Linked

As yet, however, not even village gossip had linked together the names of Lingard and Jane Oglander.
"Jane Oglander"
Marie Belloc Lowndes
Marjorie linked her arm in that of her friend and drew her up to the bed.
"Marjorie Dean High School Freshman"
Pauline Lester
You've linked your fortunes with mine.
"The Locusts' Years"
Mary Helen Fee

Famous quotes with Linked

  • The human is indissolubly linked with imitation: a human being only becomes human at all by imitating other human beings.
    Theodor Adorno
  • I can promise you that women working together - linked, informed and educated - can bring peace and prosperity to this forsaken planet.
    Isabel Allende
  • Whatever else may divide us, Europe is our common home; a common fate has linked us through the centuries, and it continues to link us today.
    Leonid I. Brezhnev
  • Chicago is a city of contradictions, of private visions haphazardly overlaid and linked together.
    Pat Colander
  • The way you want to respond is to ask a question: Is this technology directly relevant to our hedgehog concept? If the answer is YES, then we want to become pioneers, not in the technology, but in the application of that technology specifically linked to our hedgehog concept.
    James Collins

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