What is another word for honoured?

Pronunciation: [ˈɒnəd] (IPA)

Honoured is a word that implies respect, admiration, and special recognition. Whether you're acknowledging an achievement, showing gratitude, or expressing admiration, there are plenty of synonyms for the word 'honoured' that will help to add variation to your speech or writing. Some synonyms for honoured include esteemed, respected, revered, admired, esteemed, acclaimed, lauded, recognized, validated, appreciated, revered, and venerated. These words can help to create a powerful and emotional impact when used in the appropriate context. In summary, the use of a suitable synonym for honoured can make your speech or writing more effective and impactful.

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What are the opposite words for honoured?

Honoured is an adjective that refers to a feeling or state of great respect, admiration or admiration towards someone or something. The antonyms of honoured include the opposite meaning of the word, such as dishonoured, disgraced, disreputable, disrespected, and shamed. These antonyms indicate a lack of respect or admiration towards someone or something, or a feeling of shame and disappointment. Being dishonoured means being stripped of one's reputation, while being disgraced means being exposed to public shame. Disreputable refers to something of low moral character, while disrespected means being treated unfairly or with disrespect. Lastly, shamed means being made to feel guilty or embarrassed.

Usage examples for Honoured

And as the people bore his honoured ashes through the desert, these being dead spoke of bygone times, they linked the present and the past together, they deepened the national consciousness that Israel was a favoured people, called to no common destiny, sustained by no common promises, pressing toward no common goal.
"The Expositor's Bible: The Book of Exodus"
G. A. Chadwick
He loved Christ so well that to see Him honoured was the crown of his life.
"The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I"
Marcus Dods
Besides, the forest ranchers dance well, and there were men among them who had once followed other occupations; while she knew that Nasmyth would be there-in fact, having at length raised his dam to the desired level, he would be to a certain extent an honoured guest.
"The Greater Power"
Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton

Famous quotes with Honoured

  • Britain will be honoured by historians more for the way she disposed of an empire than for the way in which she acquired it.
    Lord Harlech
  • I'm very honoured that there is a loyal following and I hope it continues.
    Sara Paretsky
  • I am much interested and honoured by what you tell me of C. S. Lewis.
    Ruth Pitter
  • Those illustrious men, who, like torches, have consumed themselves, in order to enlighten others, have often lived unrewarded, and died unlamented. But the tongues of aftertimes have done them justice in one sense, but injustice in another. They have honoured them with their praise, but they have disgraced them with their pity. They pity them forsooth, because they missed of present praise, and temporal emolument; things great indeed to the little, but little to the great.
    Charles Caleb Colton
  • Selden asserts, and in my opinion with great justice, that all these whimsical transpositions of dignity are derived from the ancient Saturnalia, or Feasts of Saturn, when the masters waited upon their servants, who were honoured with mock titles, and permitted to assume the state and deportment of their lords. These fooleries were exceedingly popular, and continued to be practised long after the establishment of Christianity, in defiance of the threatenings and the remonstrances of the clergy, who, finding it impossible to divert the stream of vulgar prejudice permitted them to be exercised, but changed the primitive object of devotion; so that the same unhallowed orgies, which had disgraced the worship of a heathen deity, were dedicated, as it was called, to the service of the true God, and sanctioned by the appellation of a Christian institution. From this polluted stock branched out variety of unseemly and immoral sports; but none of them more daringly impious and outrageous to common sense, than the Festival of Fools, in which the most sacred rites and ceremonies of the church were turned into ridicule, and the ecclesiastics themselves participated in the abominable profanations.
    Joseph Strutt

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