What is another word for behaviour?

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Behaviour refers to the way a person conducts themselves, often in response to external stimuli. There are many synonyms for behaviour, such as conduct, demeanor, mannerism, character, attitude, temperament, and disposition. These words all refer to different aspects of how a person interacts with the world around them. Conduct refers to the specific actions a person takes, while demeanor and mannerism describe a person's outward appearance and behaviour. Attitude and disposition refer to a person's general outlook and approach to life, while temperament describes their emotional and psychological characteristics. By understanding the various synonyms for behaviour, we can better understand how people interact with one another and respond to different situations.

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How to use "Behaviour" in context?

Behaviour can be described as the way an individual behaves or the way a group of individuals behaves. Behaviour can be classified in a number of ways, such as intentional, descriptive and evaluative.

Behaviour can be intentional when it is planned and it is usually associated with an idea or purpose. Intentional behaviour can be exhibited in a number of ways, such as speaking or writing. Descriptive behaviour describes the observable aspects of an individual or group's behaviour. This includes things like tone of voice, expressions on the face and body and gestures.

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