What is another word for demeanour?

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Demeanour is a term that describes a person's outward behavior or demeanor. It can refer to someone's overall attitude, bearing, or conduct. However, there are several synonyms for demeanour that capture slightly different nuances of this concept. For instance, "mannerism" refers to a distinctive habitual feature of someone's demeanor, while "temperament" relates more to a person's emotional makeup and tendencies. "Disposition" also refers to a person's natural outlook or inclination, while "bearing" is a more general term for one's overall manner or presence. "Poise" is a synonym that captures the idea of calm and collectedness in one's demeanor, while "persona" refers to the way someone presents themselves or the impression they give off.

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How to use "Demeanour" in context?

Demeanour can best be described as the general appearance and manner in which someone behaves. It can reflect the individual's personality and can be used to communicate messages or impressions to others. It can also be used to adjust or adjust the behaviour of someone in a given situation.

There are a number of factors that can impact a person's demeanour, including their emotions, their physical condition, and the situation or environment in which they are found. For example, an angry person may seem more threatening, while someone who is feeling nervous may appear more anxious.

Overall, a favourable or favourable impression can be important in many social situations.

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