What is another word for Defrauding?

Pronunciation: [dɪfɹˈɔːdɪŋ] (IPA)

Defrauding is the act of deceiving someone in order to deprive them of money or property. Synonyms for defrauding include cheating, swindling, embezzling, bilking, fleecing, and scamming. These are all terms used to describe various types of fraudulent behavior. Cheating often refers to dishonesty in a game or exam, while swindling involves using tricks or lies to obtain money. Embezzling is when someone steals money from their employer, and scamming involves setting up a fraudulent scheme to trick people. Bilking and fleecing both imply the act of conning someone out of their money. Understanding these synonyms can help identify and prevent instances of fraud.

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Usage examples for Defrauding

Be sure that I will so conduct myself that no court in Prussia would justify her in leaving your house and Defrauding you of your inheritance.
Adolph Streckfuss
She felt something that she had never felt before-an appetite and an intoxication in thus Defrauding destruction; even her flesh responded with a tingling electric glow.
"The Salamander"
Owen Johnson
If they persevere in a blind opposition, they may find at last that they have been resisting truth, and Defrauding their neighbour.
"A Practical Enquiry into the Philosophy of Education"
James Gall

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