What is another word for not much?

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[ nˌɒt mˈʌt͡ʃ], [ nˌɒt mˈʌt‍ʃ], [ n_ˌɒ_t m_ˈʌ_tʃ]

Related words: nothing, not too much, not much to say, not much going on

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    Synonyms for Not much:

    How to use "Not much" in context?

    The world is a big place and there's a lot to see. But sometimes, what's out there isn't much. Perhaps you're visiting a new city and you're not impressed with the sights. Maybe you're not feeling well and all you can do is take short walks around the block. The point is that not much can be mighty disappointing.

    In life, there are things that we want and things that we need. Sometimes we're not able to get what we want and that can be frustrating. But sometimes, what we need is less than what we want.

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