What is another word for centerpiece?

Pronunciation: [sˈɛntəpˌiːs] (IPA)

A centerpiece is a decorative item or object that is used for enhancing the beauty of a specific area or room. However, there are different synonyms which can be used instead of the word "centerpiece," such as focal point, centerpiece, main attraction, and showpiece. A focal point can be a piece of artwork, a fireplace, or a beautiful chandelier. A centerpiece can be a vase filled with flowers, a stunning sculpture, or an intricate candle arrangement. The main attraction can be a grand piano or a magnificent crystal chandelier. Furthermore, showpiece can be a bold decorative piece of furniture or a lavish antique artwork. Each of these synonyms can be used differently, depending on the context and purpose of decoration.

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The word centerpiece refers to a decorative or functional piece that stands out as the focal point of a table or room. While synonyms for centerpiece can include focal point, showpiece, or highlight, antonyms would be words that have the opposite meaning. Antonyms for centerpiece might include background, ordinary, or inconspicuous. These words suggest items that blend in, rather than stand out. A background object might be wallpaper, a curtain, or a wall. An ordinary object might be a regular chair or a plain vase. Antonyms for centerpiece remind us that not every object is meant to capture attention but instead can serve a simple, practical purpose.

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Usage examples for Centerpiece

The centerpiece may be a bowl of pink roses-to match in number the years of the guest of honor.
"Entertaining Made Easy"
Emily Rose Burt
There was a centerpiece of red roses, red silk candle shades shading white candles in clear glass candlesticks, and tiny green Christmas ferns scattered on the white cloth.
"Entertaining Made Easy"
Emily Rose Burt
I'll show 'em to you," and leaving the room, she soon returned with three patchwork quilts, wherein were all possible shades of color, red and yellow predominating, and in one the "rising sun" forming a huge centerpiece.
"Maggie Miller"
Mary J. Holmes

Famous quotes with Centerpiece

  • Our democracy is the centerpiece of who we are as a nation. And it is the fondest hope of all Americans that we can help bring democracy to every corner of the world.
    Barbara Boxer
  • But there are still only certain film genres where a woman can stand out, be heroic, be the centerpiece.
    Sarah Michelle Gellar
  • The inversion theory has a long and fascinating history in the discussion of vertebrate origins. The founding version dates to the early nineteenth century and became the centerpiece of a movement often called "transcendental biology," and centered on the attempt to reduce organic diversity to one or a very few archetypal building blocks that could generate all actual anatomies as products of rational laws of transformation. Some of Europe's greatest thinkers participated in this grand, if flawed enterprise. Goethe, Germany's preeminent poet-scientist, tried to explain the varied parts of plants as different manifestations of an archetypal leaf.
    Stephen Jay Gould
  • Yeah, the good news about the move to abolish the death tax, the tax where they come and look at how much money you've got when you die, how much gold is in your teeth and they want half of it, is that — you're right, there's an exemption for — I don't know — maybe a million dollars now, and it's scheduled to go up a little bit. However, 70 percent of the American people want to abolish that tax. Congress, the House and Senate, have three times voted to abolish it. The president supports abolishing it, so that tax is going to be abolished. I think it speaks very much to the health of the nation that 70-plus percent of Americans want to abolish the death tax, because they see it as fundamentally unjust. The argument that some who played at the politics of hate and envy and class division will say, 'Yes, well, that's only 2 percent,' or as people get richer 5 percent in the near future of Americans likely to have to pay that tax. I mean, that's the morality of the Holocaust. 'Well, it's only a small percentage,' you know. 'I mean, it's not you, it's somebody else.' And this country, people who may not make earning a lot of money the centerpiece of their lives, they may have other things to focus on, they just say it's not just. If you've paid taxes on your income once, the government should leave you alone. Shouldn't come back and try and tax you again.
    Grover Norquist
  • The centerpiece of the cultural counterrevolution is the snowballing campaign for a "drug-free workplace" — a euphemism for "drug-free workforce," since urine testing also picks up for off-duty indulgence.The idea is to reinforce the principle that one must forfeit one's dignity and privacy to earn a living, and bring back the good old days when employers had the unquestioned right to demand that their workers' appearance and behavior, on or off the job, meet management's standards.
    Ellen Willis

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