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Assists are commonly known as helping or supporting someone or something. There are various other synonyms for the term "assists" which can be used interchangeably such as aid, facilitate, support, relieve, back up, promote, enable, encourage, and assist. When we talk about the term 'aid,' it simply refers to providing help or support to someone in need. Facilitate the term used when we make something more accessible or easier to do. Support means to provide help or assistance in a challenging situation, relieve refers to lessening someone's burden or pain, backing up means assisting or supporting someone when required, promote is encouraging someone to achieve their goals, enable means to provide the tools or resources to accomplish something, encourage is the act of providing motivation or positive feedback, and assist is the process of helping and providing support to someone or something.

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Assists are very important to goaltenders in the NHL. They are responsible for making big saves and keeping the team in the game. The assists statistic is a good way to measure a goaltender's contribution to the team.

There are many different assist categories in the NHL, but the most important one is plus/minus. Plus/minus is a stat that is adjusted for position and zone starts. It is a good way to compare a goaltender's contribution to the team even though it doesn't always reflect how many shots they have faced.

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