What is another word for frippery?

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Frippery is a term used to describe anything that is showy, silly, or frivolous. It can be used to describe clothing, jewelry, or any other item that is overly ornamental or lacking in substance. Some synonyms for frippery include trinket, bauble, gewgaw, or gimmick. These terms all convey a sense of something that is decorative or flashy but ultimately trivial or of little value. Other synonyms for frippery might include fluff, pomp, or ostentation, all of which connote a sense of artifice or superficiality. Whether used to describe a person or a thing, frippery is a term that suggests a certain lack of seriousness or depth.

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    How to use "Frippery" in context?

    Frippery is a term used to describe small, whimsical objects that are often elaborately handmade. These items can be decorative or functional, and can take on many forms, including jewelry, stationeries, home goods, and even clothing. Frippery is often associated with the Victorian era, but it has been popular throughout history and can be found in all sorts of cultures. Whether made for fun or for everyday use, frippery is sure to add a little bit of charm to any space.

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