What is another word for outrank?

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[ a͡ʊtɹˈaŋk], [ a‍ʊtɹˈaŋk], [ aʊ_t_ɹ_ˈa_ŋ_k]

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    Synonyms for Outrank:

    How to use "Outrank" in context?

    When someone outranks you in your workplace, it can feel like they have power over you. But it's important to understand that outranking someone isn't always bad. In fact, outranking someone can be a powerful way to show your dominance and to get your point of view across. Here are three ways outranking someone can help you achieve your goals:

    1. Show your authority. When you outrank your colleagues, you are demonstrating that you are in charge. This will make them listen more carefully when you are speaking and will also make them less likely to challenge your decisions.

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