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A preface is an introductory section of a book or another piece of writing that provides information about the content, context, and author's intentions. Synonyms for preface include introduction, prologue, preamble, opening, foreword, and exordium. The introduction of a book usually contains essential information like a synopsis of the book, background, and the author's intentions behind the book. The prologue is typically a separate introductory section that provides the backstory, setting the tone to the readers. The preamble is an opening statement that sets out the purpose, principles, or context of a document, such as the U.S. Constitution. Foreword is an introduction by someone other than the author, while exordium is a more formal introductory speech or discourse.

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    A preface is a introductory sentence or paragraph that presents the main points of a work. In writing, a preface may serve as an introduction to the work, a preparatory statement, or an afterword.

    A preface can also be an important part of a work of literature. For example, in "The Great Gatsby", F. Scott Fitzgerald includes a preface in which he discusses the purpose and structure of the novel.

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