What is another word for charlatan?

Pronunciation: [ʃˈɑːlətən] (IPA)

Charlatan is a word that refers to a person who is deceitful or fraudulent. There are many synonyms that can be used to describe such a person. Some common alternatives to charlatan include imposter, quack, trickster, fraud, deceiver, hoaxer, and swindler. Each of these words suggests dishonesty and a lack of integrity. An imposter pretends to be someone they are not, while a quack claims to have specialized knowledge or ability that they do not possess. A trickster is someone who uses deceit to gain an advantage, while a swindler gains money or property through deception. All of these words suggest a person who cannot be trusted.

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What are the opposite words for charlatan?

Charlatan, which means someone who deceives others by pretending to possess knowledge or skills they actually lack, has a few antonyms that describe people who are trustworthy, honest and sincere. One such antonym is authentic, which suggests that a person is genuine and true to their word. Another antonym for charlatan is genuine, which means someone who is honest and sincere in their thoughts, feelings, and actions. One more antonym for charlatan is honest, which denotes a person who has a strong moral compass and is truthful in their dealings with others. All of these antonyms for charlatan suggest qualities of trustworthiness and sincerity, making them an ideal way to describe someone who is the opposite of a charlatan.

What are the antonyms for Charlatan?

Usage examples for Charlatan

There are few more picturesque figures in the history of the time than that of this gentleman: a scholar who was welcome among the learned of all nations, a chemist who was half scientist, half charlatan, a naval commander who had brought home stories even more remarkable than the majority of travellers' tales, it is not surprising that he should have attracted the attention of the Queen, who liked brilliant people.
"Henrietta Maria"
Henrietta Haynes
It was pretty evidently charlatan stuff, Bennett decided, but the black-hooded mystic on the stage held his attention.
"Wheels Within"
Charles V. De Vet
It is too much to suspect the renowned Dr. Constantine Tischendorf of ignorance, yet even the coarse English sceptic regrets that the only other alternative will be to denounce him as a theological charlatan.
"Theological Essays"
Charles Bradlaugh

Famous quotes with Charlatan

  • Pat Robertson at a national convention, equipped with delegates, certainly remains a terrible sight. He is a charlatan of Chaucerian dimensions.
    Pat Robertson
  • During his lifetime Gurdjieff did not publish any books on the techniques of his teaching, and his pupils were bound to secrecy on the subject. Since his death in Paris in 1949, however, many of his works have been published, and there has been a flood of memoirs by disciples and admirers. Gurdjieff was in almost ever respect the antithesis of Aleister Crowley. Whereas Crowley craved publicity, Gurdjieff shunned it. Crowley was forgotten for two decades after his death; Gurdjieff on the contrary, has become steadily better known, and his influence continues to grow. One of the main reasons for this is that there was so little of the charlatan about him. He is no cult figure with hordes of gullible disciples. What he has to teach makes an appeal to the intelligence, and can be fully understood only by those who are prepared to make a serious effort.
    Colin Wilson
  • When modernist poetry, or what not so long ago passed for modernist poetry, can reach the stage where the following piece by Mr. Ezra Pound is seriously offered as a poem, there is some justification for the plain reader and orthodox critic who shrinks from anything that may be labelled 'modernist' either in terms of condemnation or approbation.... Better he thinks, that ten authentic poets should be left for posterity to discover than one charlatan should be allowed to steal into the Temple of Fame.
    Laura Riding
  • He was a great artist. He also was really a charlatan. I mean by a charlatan one sufficiently dignified to despise the tricks that he employs. … Wilde and his school professed to stand as solitary artistic souls apart from the public. They professed to scorn the middle class, and declared that the artist must not work for the bourgeois. The truth is that no artist so really great ever worked so much for the bourgeois as Oscar Wilde. No man, so capable of thinking about truth and beauty, ever thought so constantly about his own effect on the middle classes. … One might go through his swift and sparkling plays with a red and blue pencil marking two kinds of epigrams; the real epigram which he wrote to please his own wild intellect, and the sham epigram which he wrote to thrill the very tamest part of our tame civilization.
    Oscar Wilde
  • I am for the most part so convinced that everything is lacking in basis, consequence, justification, that if someone dared to contradict me, even the man I most admire, he would seem to me a charlatan or a fool.
    Emil Cioran

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