What is another word for camp follower?

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[ kˈamp fˈɒlə͡ʊə], [ kˈamp fˈɒlə‍ʊə], [ k_ˈa_m_p f_ˈɒ_l_əʊ_ə]

Camp follower is an old-fashioned term used to describe a person who follows an army or otherwise travels in order to make a living off the soldiers and their resources. Nowadays, the term is largely obsolete, but it can be replaced by other synonyms like hanger-on, groupie, or sycophant. Modern equivalents might include the terms social climber, poser, or leech. Other phrases like wannabe and tagalong describe people who follow others in order to gain something they don't already have. Some more formal synonyms for camp follower include retainer or dependent, while terms like follower or companion have a more neutral connotation.

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    How to use "Camp follower" in context?

    Camp followers are the people who follow a camp or expedition as it travels through the wilderness. This might include people who are hired to provide support services such as food, shelter, or transportation, or it might be a group of volunteers who are interested in traveling with the group and experiencing the local culture.

    Camp followers provide essential support to the expedition and can make a huge impact on the experience for everyone involved. They are often responsible for performing certain tasks, such as cooking meals, cleaning tents, and arranging for transportation. They can also help to create a more immersive travel experience by sharing their cultural knowledge and personal experiences.

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