What is another word for ought?

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[ ˈɔːt], [ ˈɔːt], [ ˈɔː_t]

Related words: should, ought to, should I, should you, should we, should I do that, should you do that, should we do that, should I say that, should you say that, should we say that

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How to use "Ought" in context?

What is "ought"?

Broadly speaking, "ought" refers to the notion that there is something that one ought to do, or something that one is obliged to do. In more detail, "ought" is often used in discussions about right and wrong, ethics, and morality. It can also be used when making decisions. For example, if someone says that they "ought to go to bed," they are indicating that it would be beneficial for them to go to bed and get rest.

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