What is another word for fixate?

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[ fˈɪkse͡ɪt], [ fˈɪkse‍ɪt], [ f_ˈɪ_k_s_eɪ_t]

Fixate is a verb that refers to the act of paying intense attention or focus on something. When we talk about fixating on something, we usually mean that we are obsessively thinking about it or unable to divert our attention away from it. Synonyms for fixate include concentrate, focus, center, anchor, and zero in. Each of these words describes the act of intently paying attention to something. However, the nuances differ slightly. For example, when we use the word center, we may imply that we are focusing on the most important aspect. On the other side, fixation may describe a narrower, more obsessive focus, whereas concentration may suggest a more intentional effort to pay attention to something.

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    How to use "Fixate" in context?

    There's a lot of debate surrounding the word "fixate." A lot of people believe that the word is derogatory, and suggests that the person who uses it is fixated on something to the point of being irrational. Others believe that the word can be used in a complimentary way, to indicate that someone is focused on a specific issue or thing.

    Personally, I believe that fixate has two meanings. The first is when someone is fixated on something out of compulsion or obsession, and the second is when someone is focused on something in a deliberate way.

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