What is another word for progresses?

Pronunciation: [pɹəɡɹˈɛsɪz] (IPA)

Progresses means to move forward or develop gradually towards a more advanced state. Synonyms for progresses include advances, evolves, proceeds, develops, improves, grows, moves forward, and makes headway. Other related words that can be used in place of progresses include advances, progresses, forges ahead, makes strides, strengthens, and flourishes. These words can be commonly used in various contexts such as education, technology, business, or personal growth. By using these synonyms, one can convey the idea of moving forward or making progress in a more effective and varied way.

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Usage examples for Progresses

A number of these wonderful tricks will be mentioned and explained as our story progresses.
"Leo the Circus Boy"
Ralph Bonehill
We learn from Nichols' "progresses and Processions," that the King commanded that a bear which had killed a child which had negligently been left in the bear-house of the Tower, be baited to death upon a stage.
"England in the Days of Old"
William Andrews
In "Dedham Mill," he progresses in his purpose to infuse true light into his pictures.
C. Lewis Hind

Famous quotes with Progresses

  • Although the whole man partakes of this grace, it is first and most appropriately in the soul and later progresses to the body, inasmuch as the body of the man is capable of the same obedience to the will of God as the soul.
    William Ames
  • The more rapidly a civilization progresses, the sooner it dies for another to rise in its place.
    Havelock Ellis
  • Then, as the day progresses, depending on how the product is coming in - for instance, the fish man will fax us and say black bass is great - throughout the day, we'll also make judgment calls and adapt to what's available.
    Thomas Keller
  • Shareholder activism is not a privilege - it is a right and a responsibility. When we invest in a company, we own part of that company and we are partly responsible for how that company progresses. If we believe there is something going wrong with the company, then we, as shareholders, must become active and vocal.
    Mark Mobius
  • Every life has its years in which one progresses as on a tedious and dusty street of poplars, without caring to know where he is.
    Max Muller

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