What is another word for rationalize?

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Rationalize is a complex word that can have various definitions and meanings depending on how it is used. When we say rationalize, it can mean to provide reasons, to explain logically, or to justify actions or decisions. There are many synonyms for rationalize that can help communicate these meanings, such as explain, justify, excuse, defend, clarify, or account for. Other synonyms for rationalize can also include make sense of, make excuses for, or put a positive spin on. Each of these synonyms highlights different aspects of the idea of rationalizing, from justifying or defending to analyzing and explaining.

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How to use "Rationalize" in context?

The word "rationalize" comes from the Latin word "rationalis," meaning "of or pertaining to reason." When we rationalize, we try to come up with a logical explanation for something that we know is not true. We may try to make ourselves feel better about something by believing that our actions are justified, or that we have done the right thing. We may also try to rationalize our actions if we feel afraid or ashamed.

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