What is another word for re pairs?

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There are several synonyms for the word "repairs," each with a slightly different connotation. "Fixes" and "mends" both suggest repairing something that is broken or damaged. "Restores" implies bringing something back to its original condition, while "reconditions" generally refers to restoring something to like-new condition. "Renovates" suggests more extensive repairs to a building or structure, while "rebuilds" implies completely starting over and constructing something new. "Remedies" can also be used to refer to repairs, but usually implies correcting something that is wrong or deficient rather than fixing something that is broken.

Synonyms for Re pairs:

How to use "Re pairs" in context?

Repairs are necessary on items that are used for everyday activities. Depending on the damage, a repair could be as simple as replacing a band or buckle on a belt, or it could be more complicated and require replacement of the entire piece. Repairs take time, money, and precision to make sure the item is functioning as it should. A large clothing retailer, for example, might require dozens of repairs per week on different items in its inventory.

While repairing an item is an often necessary task, it is also possible to make a repair using a re-pair.

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