What is another word for rearing?

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Rearing refers to the act of bringing up or nurturing something, typically children or animals. Synonyms for this word include raising, nurturing, cultivating, fostering, and upbringing. These words indicate the ongoing process of caring for and guiding the growth of someone or something. Other synonyms for rearing include maturing, developing, and training, which convey a sense of progress and advancement in the process of raising and caring for someone or something. Whether it involves children or animals, plants or businesses, rearing requires dedication, patience, and effort in order to produce healthy, well-adjusted individuals or thriving organizations.

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    1. rearing offspring is one of the most important activities parents can undertake. Parental investment in rearing offspring has been shown to result in increased offspring survival and attainment of developmental milestones.

    2. Rearing offspring involves providing caregivers with food, shelter, and physical and psychological care in order to direct the development of the offspring. This care can last for a variable amount of time, but generally lasts until the offspring reaches the age of independence or until the caregiver dies.

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