What is another word for lift up?

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[ lˈɪft ˈʌp], [ lˈɪft ˈʌp], [ l_ˈɪ_f_t ˈʌ_p]

"Lift up" is a phrase that refers to raising a person or object physically or emotionally. However, there are many other synonyms that can be used to convey this same idea. Some examples of these are "elevate," "hoist," "boost," "uplift," "raise," "hold high," "carry," "convey," "perk up," "inspire," and "encourage." Each of these synonyms implies a different aspect of lifting up, whether it is physical, emotional, or spiritual. Choosing the right synonym can add depth and specificity to your writing or speech, and help you to communicate your ideas more effectively.

How to use "Lift up" in context?

How to lift up:

Step One: Sit in a comfortable position with the feet flat on the ground.

Step Two: Place the hands on the hips.

Step Three: Lift the torso and head off the ground by extending the arms and pushing the buttocks back.

Step Four: Hold the position for a few seconds before returning to the starting position.

The classic yoga pose known as Salabhasana or Garland pose perfectly demonstrates the principle of lift-up. In this posture, the legs are extended straight out in front of you with the heels together. The spine should be neutral with the chin drawn in towards the chest.

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