What is another word for isolated?

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Isolated is a common term that refers to being alone, cut off from others, or secluded. However, there are numerous synonyms for isolated, each with its unique meaning and context. For instance, "sequestered" implies being hidden away or separated from the rest of the world. Similarly, "solitary" describes somebody who prefers to be alone and rarely interacts with others. Meanwhile, "lonely" is a more emotionally charged term that suggests one is yearning for companionship. Other synonyms for isolated include "secluded," "detached," "withdrawn," "remote," and "uninhabited." Whether you are describing a person or a place, there is always a synonym that perfectly fits your intended meaning.

Synonyms for Isolated:

How to use "Isolated" in context?

Isolated is an adjective meaning unaccompanied or single. It is often used to describe people or things who are not part of a group. An example of a person who is isolated is a person who is alone in a room.

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