What is another word for lock away?

Pronunciation: [lˈɒk ɐwˈe͡ɪ] (IPA)

There are many synonyms for "lock away," with various nuances. "Imprison" suggests being put in jail or otherwise legally confined. "Confine" suggests being restricted to a certain space or area. "Isolate" connotes being separated from others for safety or privacy. "Secrete" suggests hiding by stealth or deception. "Conceal" implies hiding something from view or knowledge. "Bury" implies hiding something deeply or completely, as if it were buried underground. "Stow" suggests hiding something in a particular place, such as in a container or compartment. "Sequester" suggests being separated or put aside for a particular purpose, such as a jury being sequestered during a trial.

What are the hypernyms for Lock away?

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What are the hyponyms for Lock away?

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  • hyponyms for lock away (as verbs)

What are the opposite words for lock away?

The term "lock away" refers to keeping something or someone in a secured place to prevent it from being accessed or seen by others. The antonyms for "lock away" would be to set something free, release, or expose it. When we set something free, we allow it to move and express itself without any barriers or restrictions. Releasing something means we're letting it go or giving it up, allowing it to be taken by others. Finally, exposing something means revealing or bringing it out into the open for all to see. All of these antonyms for "lock away" suggest an opening up, a letting go and an absence of security measures.

What are the antonyms for Lock away?

Famous quotes with Lock away

  • It's cabin fever season people, that time of year when four walls feel like they're going to come in here and choke the spirit right out of you. Time to lock away those firearms and hang tough. No way through it except to do it.
    Jeff Melvoin
  • “How old are you, Brian? You ought to know by now that something always breaks up love affairs unless both parties are willing to compromise themselves. And that compromising is harder to do the older and less flexible and more independent you are. It just isn’t in you, Brian. You could no more get married now than you could become a priest, or a sculptor, or a greengrocer.” Duffy opened his mouth to voice angry denials, then one corner turned up and he closed it. “Damn you,” he said wryly. “Then why do I want to, half the time?” Aurelianus shrugged. “It’s the nature of the species. There’s a part of a man’s mind that can only relax and go to sleep when he’s with a woman, and that part gets tired of always being tensely awake. It gives orders in so loud a voice that it often drowns out the other components. But when the loud one is asleep at last, the others regain control and chart a new course.” He grinned. “No equilibrium is possible. If you don’t want to put up with the constant seesawing, you must either starve the logical components or bind, gag and lock away in a cellar that one insistent one.” Duffy grimaced and drank some more brandy. “I’m used to the rocking, and I was never one to get motion-sick,” he said. “I’ll stay on the seesaw.” Aurelianus bowed. “You have that option, sir.”
    Tim Powers

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