What is another word for refrigerate?

Pronunciation: [ɹɪfɹˈɪd͡ʒəɹˌe͡ɪt] (IPA)

Refrigerate is a commonly used word that means to cool something below room temperature. However, sometimes using the same word repeatedly can become monotonous. This is where synonyms for refrigerate come in handy. Some excellent synonyms for refrigerate include chill, cool, icy, freeze, store, and preserve. Each of these words can be used in different contexts to convey the idea of cooling something, but also offer some subtle differences in their meanings. For instance, chill can have a more informal connotation than refrigerate, while freeze signifies a more intense level of coldness. Using synonyms can bring variety and interest to your writing and can help you avoid repetitive language.

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Refrigerate is a term that refers to the process of cooling, preserving or keeping something cold. To understand the antonyms for the word refrigerate, we need to explore words that describe the opposite method of cooling. The first antonym that comes to mind is heat. Heating is the opposite of refrigerating, and it involves raising the temperature of an object or substance. Other antonyms for refrigerate include "warm," "thaw," and "defrost." These words describe processes that involve increasing the temperature of an object instead of decreasing it. It's important to note that these antonyms are not exact opposites of refrigerate; they are simply words that imply a different temperature or state.

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Usage examples for Refrigerate

It would have cost too much to refrigerate all the milk.
Johnson, Clarence Edgar
Are you using heat-exchangers to help cool the air you pump into the buildings, before you use power to refrigerate it?
"Sand Doom"
William Fitzgerald Jenkins
In fact, it was somewhat simpler, in theory, since the engines of the Brainchild were already equipped for heavy drainage to run the electrical systems aboard ship, and to power and refrigerate Snookums' gigantic brain, which was no mean task in itself.
"Unwise Child"
Gordon Randall Garrett

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