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Rigour, or rigor, refers to a high standard of strictness, thoroughness, and accuracy. Some synonyms for rigour include precision, exactness, meticulousness, and rigorism, which all highlight the importance of attention to detail and adherence to rules. Other synonyms for rigour include severity, austerity, and harshness, which emphasize the strict and demanding nature of a certain task or situation. Rigour can also be characterized by discipline, rigidity, and inflexibility, indicating a reluctance to compromise or adapt to new circumstances. Overall, the use of synonyms for rigour can help convey the level of intensity, discipline, and unfaltering commitment needed to achieve a certain goal or standard in various fields including academia, science, law, and medicine.

Related words: rigor, rigorous, rigorously, quality assurance, assurance

Similar words: care, research, scrupulousness

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    Usage examples for Rigour

    Indeed, he shows great jealousy about his territorial rights, having stopped up a footpath that led across his fields, and given warning, in staring letters, that whoever was found trespassing on those grounds would be prosecuted with the utmost rigour of the law.
    "Bracebridge Hall, or The Humorists"
    Washington Irving
    "I have given orders, that the inhabitants of the province, who have taken part in this revolt, should be punished with the greatest rigour; and also those who will not turn out, that they may be imprisoned, and their property taken from them, or destroyed.
    "A Sketch of the Life of Brig. Gen. Francis Marion"
    William Dobein James
    The most trivial expressions were remarked and punished with rigour.
    "The Prime Minister"
    W.H.G. Kingston

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