What is another word for intricacy?

Pronunciation: [ˈɪntɹɪkəsi] (IPA)

Intricacy refers to the complexity and detailed nature of something. Synonyms for intricacy include sophistication, intricateness, complication, complexity, elaborateness, and difficulty. A sophisticated design or an intricate system often requires detailed and complex planning, making it more difficult to understand. A complicated process or an elaborate strategy involves complex steps that need to be followed precisely to achieve the desired outcome. Complex relationships between entities or the interplay of multiple factors can also contribute to intricacy. Overall, synonyms for intricacy highlight the complex nature of something, which often requires a deep understanding to navigate successfully.

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What are the opposite words for intricacy?

The word intricacy stands for the quality or state of being complex or complicated. The antonyms for the word intricate include words such as simple, easy, plain, straightforward, and uncomplicated. These words represent the opposite of intricate and describe something that is clear and easy to understand with minimal effort or complexity. The antonyms of the word intricacy can be used in situations where a simple or uncomplicated approach is needed, or when something is too complex and needs to be simplified. When presenting information or ideas, it is essential to choose the correct antonym so that the message is conveyed accurately and effectively.

What are the antonyms for Intricacy?

Usage examples for Intricacy

Here again his greatness, which was of course the warp and woof of his destiny, showed a pattern of perplexing intricacy.
William McFee
The extraordinary intricacy is quite fascinating, but at present it partially prevents one seeing the general proportions and effect of the building.
"From Edinburgh to India & Burmah"
William G. Burn Murdoch
Webs of railway tracks spread out dangerously in acres of marvelous intricacy, amid which men moved, sooty, grimy, sullen and sickly.
"Rose of Dutcher's Coolly"
Hamlin Garland

Famous quotes with Intricacy

  • I don't recall having any self-awareness about the intricacy of my stories.
    A. E. van Vogt
  • I have always felt a deep reverence for the intricacy and beauty of nature. While I was an undergraduate student at BYU, I fell in love with biology, especially with genetics. As I studied the biological and physical sciences, I came to view the creation of life in a much broader sense than before. I now view creation not as something that occurred long ago but as a process that continues today in which we are given the sacred privilege to participate. Through the study of biology we are able to gain a glimpse of how the earth and all of life was, and still is, created. Several scientists have shared this sense of wonder as they have spoken of the forest canopy as a great cathedral or of microbes, plants, and animals as God's creations with whom we share the earth. For example, Francis Collins, who is the director of the human genome project, one of the greatest scientific undertakings in history, said:
    Daniel J. Fairbanks
  • It displayed the delicacy and brilliance, the intricacy and harmony of a live thing. Strange that in my remoteness I seemed to feel, as never before, the vital presence of Earth as of a creature alive but tranced and obscurely yearning to wake.
    Olaf Stapledon
  • Now there grows among all the rooms, replacing the night's old smoke, alcohol and sweat, the fragile, musaceous odor of Breakfast: flowery, permeating, surprising, more than the color of winter sunlight, taking over not so much through any brute pungency or volume as by the high intricacy to the weaving of its molecules, sharing the conjuror's secret by which — though it is not often that Death is told so clearly to fuck off — the living genetic chains prove even labyrinthine enough to preserve some human face down twenty generations... so the same assertion-through-structure allows this war morning's banana fragrance to meander, repossess, prevail.
    Thomas Pynchon
  • A later generation could have explained the miracle to Sir Frank — though explaining in terms he would not have understood. Though he knew well enough the theory of family traits and likenesses, it would have been impossible then to make him comprehend the intricacy of a chromosome which carries inside it — not merely the stereotypes of parental hair or temperament — but the secret knowledge of how to breathe, how to work the muscles to move the bones, how to grow, how to remember, how to commence the processes of thought … all the infinite number of secret "how to's" that have to be passed on for life to stay above jelly level. A freak chromosome in Sir Frank ensured he passed on, together with these usual secrets, the secret of his individual consciousness.
    Brian Aldiss

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