What is another word for shrimper?

Pronunciation: [ʃɹˈɪmpə] (IPA)

Shrimper is a term used to refer to a person who catches shrimps. There are several other synonyms for this word, such as prawn fisherman, shrimp fisherman, shrimping boat captain, and shrimp trawler. These terms are similar in meaning and used to describe someone who is involved in fishing for shrimps or prawns in the ocean or other water bodies. The job of a shrimper or any of its synonyms is not an easy task, as it requires patience, skill, and knowledge about the location of shrimp herbs. These individuals are often admired for their hard work, dedication, and the fresh shrimps they provide to seafood lovers around the world.

What are the hypernyms for Shrimper?

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What are the hyponyms for Shrimper?

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What are the opposite words for shrimper?

The word shrimper refers to a person who catches shrimp for a living. Some antonyms for shrimper include landlubber, beachcomber, and inland dweller as they all connote people who primarily engage in activities on land instead of the sea. Another antonym for shrimper is vegetarian as it refers to someone who practices a diet devoid of meat, including seafood like shrimp. Conversely, carnivore and omnivore are antonyms that signify people who consume meat, and in the context of seafood, these words could refer to someone who eats shrimp regularly. Ultimately, antonyms for shrimper differ based on the context and their opposing meanings.

Usage examples for Shrimper

It was a poor shrimper, with her nets on her back, returning home, and she saw at a glance how the case stood, and hastened at once to the village to give an alarm.
"Tales of the Toys, Told by Themselves"
Frances Freeling Broderip

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