What is another word for small time?

Pronunciation: [smˈɔːl tˈa͡ɪm] (IPA)

Small time is a phrase that typically refers to something or someone being of little significance or importance. There are several synonyms that convey a similar meaning, such as insignificant, minor, trivial, or unimportant. Other options include inconsequential, insignificant, petty, or small-fry. The term can also relate to someone who is not yet successful or important, and in this context, the synonyms could be fledgling, novice, or emerging. In contrast, someone or something that is significant or influential could be described with terms like prominent, distinguished, renowned, or celebrated. Overall, there are many ways to describe a small time person or thing, and the choice of synonym will depend on the context in which it is being used.

Synonyms for Small time:

What are the hypernyms for Small time?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for small time?

The term "small time" often refers to something insignificant or minor in comparison to something grand or important. The antonyms for the word "small time" would therefore be phrases that convey the opposite meaning. They include words such as significant, major, noteworthy, exceptional, and grand, among others. While "small time" may suggest a lack of importance, these antonyms emphasize things that are significant or grand, highlighting their elevated status. Using antonyms offers a chance to convey the opposite meaning and emphasize the importance of a situation or person, while infusing a sense of grandeur to the description.

What are the antonyms for Small time?

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