What is another word for slapstick?

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Slapstick is often associated with physical comedy, but there are many other synonyms that can be used to describe this type of humour. One alternate term is farce, which typically involves absurd situations and chaotic misunderstandings. Another option is hijinks, which suggests mischievous antics or playful pranks. Buffoonery conveys the idea of ridiculous behaviour or foolishness, while shenanigans implies playful or mischievous behaviour. Tomfoolery is another term that suggests silly or foolish behaviour, while clowning connotes exaggerated and humorous behaviour or mannerisms. Regardless of the preferred synonym, it's clear that slapstick humour is a beloved comedic tradition that has been entertaining audiences for generations.

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How to use "Slapstick" in context?

Slapstick is a type of comedy that relies on physical comedy and over-the-top action. Examples of slapstick might include acts like a character falling down a stairs while holding an iron hearth or being struck in the face with a frying pan. slapstick comedy is often fast-paced and often relies on audience reactions to keep the laughs coming.

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