What is another word for mockery?

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Mockery is a word that often connotes derision, scorn, or ridicule. Synonyms for mockery include ridicule, taunt, tease, scorn, derision, jeer, sneer, sarcasm, parody, satirize, lampoon, and caricature. These words all describe various ways of mocking and making fun of someone or something. Each of these words has its own nuances that can add a different tone or emphasis to the mocking behavior. For instance, ridicule may imply that the target is deserving of contempt, while taunting may involve a challenge or threat. Mockery describes a wide range of behaviors, from good-natured jesting to cruel and hurtful bullying.

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How to use "Mockery" in context?

Mockery is a means of entertainment that involves mocking or making fun of something or someone. It can be done verbally, musically, or in any other way. It is often used as a form of satire or humor. Mockery can be used to make people laugh, to entertain them, or to criticize someone.

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