What is another word for splat?

Pronunciation: [splˈat] (IPA)

Splat is a fun and descriptive word that often conjures up thoughts of messy accidents and playful activities. However, sometimes we need to switch up our language and try out different words that mean the same thing. Some synonyms for splat include: smack, thud, thump, smackdown, splatter, squish, and squelch. Each of these words can convey a similar sense of impact and messiness, but with slightly different nuances depending on the context and tone. By experimenting with synonyms for splat and other common words, we can expand our vocabulary and express ourselves more creatively.

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Usage examples for Splat

There was a sodden "splat" as the bullet struck the muzzle of the rifle covering Joe and Ellis.
"The Lost Wagon"
James Arthur Kjelgaard
They are a rare type of Chippendale, showing the splat, diamond pierced, and handsome carving.
"Historic Homes"
Mary H. Northend
He spat it out and it landed on the schoolyard with a soft splat.
"Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town"
Cory Doctorow

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