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Dangle is a versatile word that can be easily replaced with a wide range of synonyms, depending on the context and the tone of the sentence. For instance, sway, hang, swing, and drape are some synonyms of dangle that describe the action of something or someone moving loosely from side to side or up and down. Similarly, droop, sag, and slump can be used instead of dangle to describe something hanging or dropping downward in a soft or relaxed manner. Moreover, words like hang down, drape over, and suspend can also be used to convey the same meaning as dangle but with a slightly different nuance.

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The term "dangle" refers to a suspended position or hanging loosely in the air. Some antonyms for "dangle" include balance, stand, and rest. When an object is balanced, it means that it is in equilibrium, and it is neither leaning nor falling. Stand is an excellent antonym for dangle when an object or a person is in an upright position with their weight on their feet or base, while rest means to lie on a surface or become settled. Other antonyms for "dangle" include fix, support, and attach, which represent a strong and secure fixation.

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Usage examples for Dangle

Conrad recognized Zindau, and now he saw the empty sleeve dangle in the air over the stump of his wrist.
"A Hazard of New Fortunes, Part Fifth"
William Dean Howells
As the dog submitted without complaint at first, the raven would come again and take another piece away, then bring it back just within reach, and dangle it over the dog's nose.
"Stories of Animal Sagacity"
W.H.G. Kingston
In the firelight I saw plainly the dangle of Br'er Rabbit's long legs, and the flap of his big ears, and the quick flash of his dark eyes in the reflected light,-got an instantaneous photograph of him, as it were, at the top of his comical jump.
"Ways of Wood Folk"
William J. Long

Famous quotes with Dangle

  • Sometimes at dusk, when you were trying to relax and not think of the general stagnation, the Garbage God would gather a handful of those choked-off morning hopes and dangle them somewhere just out of reach; they would hang in the breeze and make a sound like delicate glass bells, reminding you of something you never quite got hold of, and never would.
    Hunter S. Thompson
  • His speech is clumsy, with a toadlike indolence, long winded, pedantic, choppy. The words tumble from his mouth in sentence fragments, which he holds back as much as possible, as if they were earning interest. It takes forever and a day for him to push out a clump of hardened brain snot. Then he writhes in painful ecstasy, as if he had sugar on his rotten teeth. A very slow blab machine. An obsolete model with a non-working switch — it can't be turned off unless you cut off the electric power altogether. So I'd have to smash him in the kisser. No, I'd have to knock him unconscious. But even if he were unconscious he'd keep talking. Even if his vocal cords were sliced through, he'd keep talking like a ventriloquist. Even if his throat were cut and his head were chopped off, speech balloons would still dangle from his mouth like gases emitted by internal decay.
    Werner Herzog
  • I shut my eyes and clenched my hands behind me and saw, in lightning flashes, myself doing ferocious things, like pushing him down an endless flight of stairs, or dropping him without warning into a bottomless well, or stringing him up to a stout beam and leaving him to dangle, or — or other things of the sort; no guns, no knives, no baseball bats, nothing to cause outright bloodshed, just silent, grim, sudden murder by hand was my intention. All this was far beyond my bodily powers of course, and I like to believe beyond my criminal powers too. For I woke when we struck the searing hot light of the August morning as if I had come out of a nightmare, horrified at my own thoughts and feeling as if I had got some incurable wound to my very humanity — as indeed I had. However inflicted, a wound there was, with painful scar tissue, left upon my living self by that appalling event. My conscience stirs as if, in my impulse to do violence to my enemy, I had assisted at his crime.
    Katherine Anne Porter
  • The desire to force others to bend or break to her will was always there, usually hidden deeply enough that she could forget she had that wish within her, but occasionally surfacing to dangle the ripe fruit of power just out of her reach. She knew, as few others did, that the power to coerce depended entirely on the fear or weakness of other human beings. It was possible to use coercion, yes, but in the end you found yourself surrounded only by the weak and fearful, with all those of courage and strength arrayed against you.
    Orson Scott Card
  • In relation to man and his society, experiment can not dangle on void. It must belong. Belong to man.
    Ritwik Ghatak

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